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The Industrialization policy instituted by the Government for providing faster economic development has stimulated the growth of urban elements in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Communication, Recreation, Traffic and Transportation and such other components to an unprecedented level in major urban centre's in Tamil Nadu. Especially, the Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services Industries (IT & ITES ) have further boosted such rapid developments. These boosters contributed to haphazard growth in the fringe areas of several towns and cities.

The urbanization, an offshoot of Industrialization, is though a welcome feature in terms of economic productivity and social development, in the absence of an effective physical and spatial planning and a strict control mechanism, will become significant contributory factor to the evils of the society. While serious efforts for streamlining the process of urbanization are taken, proper infrastructure and civic amenities must be provided and a safe living environ must be ensured to the public. The importance of strict enforcement of development controls to ensure healthy, comfortable and safe environment to the present and future generations also cannot be belittled.

Tiruppur and its environs are abundant with economic and social activity facilitated by rapid developments in residential, educational, commercial, industrial, recreational and traffic and transportation sectors. And it is necessary that citizens are well informed of the know-how of the urban development and its control mechanisms towards an orderly development and congenial living conditions for which they have every right as well.

To present a brief glimpses of the organization and to describe the different activities of the Authority

To present to the public view the relevant Acts, Rules and Regulations applied in the various approvals and permissions

To provide a forum to the public for interaction for their legitimate transaction of business.

To increase public awareness to the planned and authorised residential/commercial/institutional and such other physical developments.

To provide a base for documentation of rules, procedures and operating instructions.

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