BC / MBC / DNC and Minorities Welfare

The Government is implementing various welfare schemes for the educational, economic and social upliftment of the Backward Classes,Most Backward Classes, Denotified Communities and Minorities.The Government provides scholarship,hostel facilities, bi-cycles for the educational advancement of students of these communities.The Government also runs Kallar Reclamation schools for the educational upliftment of the Piramalai Kallar Community. In order to promote livelihood opportunities of the poor of these communities, the Government implements schemes such as distribution of sewing machines, iron boxes, house sites and loan schemes through the Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Economic Development Corporation and the Tamil Nadu Minorities Economic Development Corporation. Further, the Government provides various social welfare assistance to the people of Narikuravar Community and Denotified Communities through the Welfare Boards constituted for the communities.


The Government is implementing three kinds of scholarship schemes of Government of india for the students belonging to religious Minorities viz/. Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi and Jain studying from 1stStd to Professional Degree / Research level courses in Government / Government Aided and in all recognized private Institutions.

The details are as follows:

Name of the Scholarships Classes covered Parent / Guardians Annual income limit Sharing pattern of Funds
Prematric Std. 1 to X Rs. 1.00 Lakh 100% centre
Postmatric Std. 11th to Ph.D Rs. 2.00 Lakh 100% centre
Merit-Cum-Means Based Professional / Technical Courses Rs. 2.50 Lakh 100% centre

Eligibility Criteria for availing Scholarship

  • Students should have secured not less than 50% marks in the previous year final examination (except 1st,)
  • 30% of Scholarships is earmarked to Girl students from out of the total physical target.
  • Scholarship will be given to the students native of Tamil Nadu.
  • Scholarhip will be sanctioned only for 2 Childern in a family.
  • Students should not avail any other scholarship through Backward Class / Adidravidar Welfare / other Departments, Welfare Boards, etc., while applying of this scholarship.
S.No. Name of the Hostel BC/MBC Govt/Private Allotment Admitted No.of Students
1. Backward classes boys Hotel Pongulur BC Govt 50 40
2. Backward Classes boys hostel Palladam BC Govt 50 23
3. Backward Classes boys hostel Udumalaipettai BC Govt 50 50
4. Backward Classes boys hostel Kumaralingam BC Govt 50 44
5. Backward Classes boys hostel Kangeyam BC Govt 50 50
6. Backward Classes boys hostel Vellakovil BC Govt 50 44
7. Backward Classes boys hostel Thayampalayam BC Govt 50 37
8. Backward Classes boys hostel Dharapuram BC Govt 50 27
9. Backward Classes boys hostel Kundam BC Govt 50 46
10. Backward Classes boys hostel Elugamvalasu BC Govt 50 41
11. Backward Classes boys hostel Chinnakkampatti BC Govt 50 32
12. Backward Classes boys hostel Uthukkuli BC Govt 60 37
13. Backward Classes Girls hostel Tiruppur BC Govt 50 50
14. Backward Classes Girls hostel Udumalapettai BC Govt 50 33
15. Backward Classes Girls hostel Kangeyam BC Govt 50 45
16. Backward Classes Girls hostel Vellakovil BC Govt 50 50
17. Backward Classes Girls hostel Dharapuram BC Govt 50 25
18 Most Backward Classes boys Madathukulam MBC Govt 50 31
19. Most Backward Classes Girls Muthoor MBC Govt 50 37
20. Most Backward Classes Girls Chinnakampatti MBC Govt 50 23
21. DNC Hostel Boys Tiruppur DNC Private 50 20
22. DNC Hostel Boys Avinashi DNC Govt 50 24
23. College Backward Classes Boys Tiruppur BC Govt 120 120
24. College Backward Classes Boys Udumalaipettai BC Govt 50 50
25. College Backward Classes Boys Udumalaipettai BC Govt 100 68