Public Transport System plays a vital role in the overall development . In our District, the State Transport Undertakings play a vital role in this task by providing an economic and efficient system through a variety of services viz. Town, Mofussil, Ghat and Express services as well as Inter-State services to neighbouring States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Puducherry. Almost every habitation in the District is connected by bus services.

Regional Transport Office

The Transport Commissioner, Chennai is the Head of the Department.

The District Collector, Tiruppur is the Regional Transport Authority.

Regional Transport Officer is functioning as Secretary Regional Transport Authority.

The following works are being carried out in this Office

  • Issue of Learner’s Licence, Driving License and Conductor Licence etc.
  • Registration of Motor Vehicles, Renewal of Registration Certificate etc.
  • Issue of Fitness Certificate and Renewal of Fitness Certificate etc.
  • Issue of National Goods Carriage Permit, Goods Carriage Permit, Contract Carriage Permit (Tourist Taxi, Maxi Cab, Autorickshaw, Shared Auto, etc), Educational Institution Bus, Private Service Vehicle, Stage Carriage Permit etc.
  • Checking of all classes of Motor Vehicles in respect of Road Safety aspects and other offences and collecting Compounding fee.
  • Action taken against the Driving Licence holders who involved in fatal accident and violation of Transport Rules.
  • Celebration of Road Safety week in the month of January every year to make awareness among the public.
  • Checking of Pollution Testing Centre, Emergency Accident Relief Centre etc.