Amaravathi Dam

Amaravathi Dam - Amaravathi Nagar

Amaravathi Dam – Amaravathi Nagar

Amaravathi Dam at Amaravathinagar, 25 km south on NH 17 from Udumalpet, is located in Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in Tiruppur district, Tamil Nadu, India. The 9.31 km², 33.53 m deep Amaravathi Reservoir was created by this steep dam. It was built primarily for irrigation and flood control and now also has 4 megawatts of electric generating capacity installed.

It is notable for the significant population of Mugger Crocodiles living in its reservoir and catchment’s basin. There is a well laid-out park where one may climb steep steps on the dam to have a picturesque view north of the plains below and south to the Anaimalai Hills and Palani Hills above.

This place is being developed as a District Excursion Centre for tourism.

Thirumoorthy Dam

Thirumoorthy Dam

Thirumoorthy Dam

It is a nice place for a one-day outing from Tiruppur. It has boating, a nice place to have your lunch and the drive there is ultimate. From Tiruppur, you can either go to Udumalpet or go from there to the more interior and scenic route that goes through the villages. The drive is simply great with the whole route surrounded by sunflower gardens, coconut groves, and paddy fields. This Reservoir has been constructed across the River Palar which has its origins at the northern slopes of Anamalai Hills.